"Choosing not to follow in the footsteps of the old masters but rather to seek what they sought"
- Basho

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Andrzej Kazmierczak
Blackpool UK
mob. 07709180687
e-mail: kazek291069@wp.pl


Jolanta Mizio-Brudniak

My first Karate teacher. She steered me in karate, pointed major aspects of martial arts giving a solid foundation for further development to young student.



Mariusz Rominski

One of the best karate instructors I have met in my life. He taught me the knowledge of karate art philosophy.

During the trainings he paid attention to the practical, realistic application of karate techniques.





Eryk Murlowski
Yawara jujutsu





Ilija Jorga 9 dan

Fudokan - Shotokan

My first taught after meeting sensei Yorga was that I wish to my karate was so dynamic as the sensei Yorga. I have followed sensei and practised under his guidance for many years. I have became his assistant and many years student.




Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, 9th dan


The historian, traveller and repository of knowledge about Martial Arts but first of all great martial arts teacher.


Hidetaka Nishiyama 9 dan

Traditional Karate





Hiroshi Shirai
Karate Shotokan

One of the leading teachers of  Shotokan Karate. His techniques are characterized by incredible strength.

He explains the most important aspects of Karate in combination with a perfect demonstration.




Jan Janssens 7 dan 
Aiki jujutsu yoseikan

Sensei Jan Janssen is a remarkable man, Aiki training under his guidance is a real pleasure ,theoretical and practical knowledge at the highest level. Thanks to him I discovered a lot of new possibilities in applications.



Keneth Funakoshi
Karate Shotokan

He teach Karate Shotokan. Despite his age, he is incredible fast. It was a good experience for me.





Hubert Leanen 6 dan
Koryu-te jutsu

Sensei Hubert reminded me of things that Sensei Rominski taught me years ago but I was to young to remember and understand. He assured me that Karate as an old Art of War is extremely affective and can be very brutal. Sensei Hubert is very open person. Always willing to explain incomprehensible aspects of the techniques in kata and applications.



Yang Liang

Wushu Kung Fu Master permanently living in England.